When one person shows up with a vision, the world notices. 

You have something to say and want to be heard. You know where you want to go, and need to chart a course. Your bold idea is going to change your life and the lives of others, if you could trust your instinct.

Personal development coaching uses your innate energy and wisdom to support you in realizing your big idea.

I utilize a rich, holistic and effective methodology to support you in your self-actualization and realization of your coaching topic -- something that aches to be expressed in your life, potentially through work.


I’m Mara — and that’s why I’m here.

I work with spirited big thinkers who want to activate greater joy and impact in their life and work.

I meet with clients in Portland, Maine and virtually via Zoom.

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      About Me


My Values
For Work & Life

Start where you are and follow the light.

Active living and gentle being.

Intimate connection to what is most important. Now, for forever.

Go for deep joy.
Because exuberance eases the way.

I've been there--with a vision so vast it feels impenetrable. 

I've always had a sense of where I'm headed, but vocation hasn't come easily for me and I've changed course multiple times. I coach others to realize personal vision through life's work because that is what I've always sought to do, and because when it comes to what matters deeply, I want to get right to the heart of it. I see possibility everywhere and seek transformation. 

I believe in a different way to work,
and I'm most content at the helm of its unfolding, charting a way for others.

I’m creative and quirky with a shock of brave. I find the best and optimize what's possible (and by the way, I'd love to help you do that, too.) 

I'm adept at seeing nuance and finding a way through complexity. I'm always learning what it takes to create what I see is possible.

When you do things from your soul,
You feel a river moving in you,
A joy.