Before you begin again, take one look back.

Becoming the truest version of ourselves is lifetime work. Progress is incremental, mostly. Celebrate and integrate what you've got. 

As the year comes to a close, you feel ready. Ready to tie up loose ends and to bring some of what you began this year to completion.

And that's because--growth. Endings and beginnings have similar energy, it's just about whether you're taking in or making way for new.

So, as this year draws to its calendar end, I encourage you to check in about what you’re ready to complete and bring to a close now.

Completing is about honoring the part of you that was at one point ready and willing to begin.

The part of you that faced vulnerability, fear, a challenge and the unknown. Completion is a celebration of  what worked, what was easy and allowing a moment of gratitude for all that worked out and worked well.

Start by inquiring with yourself how you are in relation to endings:

  • Do you tend to want to push away from this moment and tuck it away in time?
  • Are you full and ready for rest?
  • What emotions arise for you--sadness, relief, joy?

With that bit of awareness now in you, here’s a small practice for you to bring inquiry to your relationship to endings. Take the time now, or later, when you have some space to yourself. Maybe light a candle or set aside a quiet few minutes at the beginning or end of your day and set your intention. Write it down. Say it aloud. Pray it. Release it.

I accept what it has taken for me to be here, now.
I accept all that remains incomplete or unfinished.
I release what is no longer mine.
I am whole and complete.

By allowing yourself to complete what was once new, you take a bow to yourself and honor your willingness to start the journey, to take a risk and to venture into new and unfamiliar terrain.  Maybe it was life-changing. Maybe you found hard-fought new perspective. Maybe you advanced and maybe you found it more challenging than you ever could have expected. All that is ok here.

If you liked this, share it with a friend who might benefit from bringing new perspective to what can tend to be time of year when we want to move onward rather than reflect on how far we’ve come. 

May this practice serve you in honoring an ending, or two.

Mara Grbenick