Unleash your enthusiasm because passion emerges.

People will ask you what your passion is. They'll say you need a lot of it -- to get the gig, do the work, produce enough.

Ultimatums are conversation crushers.

Passion is not a prerequisite for meaningful. Let your excitement light you. As New York Times Bestselling Author Regena Thomashauer says: Desires hate deadlines and yearning is beautiful.

Passion emerges in the moment of an experience you are enjoying: the delight in touching something beautiful, handmade. Seeing something you've never seen before.

To say passion must come first before anything--I don't buy that. Do what you love. Be love. And let your passion rise.

Walk into it. Let it come up behind you when you're cooking dinner, running into the sunset, debating a fix with the mechanic. Let it call to you; let it be in you.

It is the feeling of doing that is meaningful. And passion is the experience in that moment.

Unleash great enthusiasm upon your life. 

I'm passionate about cooking healthy food, the smell of my morning coffee, traveling more often, creating great work environments, being generous with my presence, having a good experience whether I'm in the office or at a house party...and many, many other things. And when I am in the experience of each of those moments, I remember who I am. My passion emerges.


Mara Grbenick