Simple, stabilizing practices to feel more like yourself every day

Not all days are creative, grounded, fruitful. We wake up with an ache. Our minds are surging with thoughts/ideas/distractions/worries. Sometimes, it seems weeks pass and we churn in the same uncertainty or unknown and other times we carry the weight of sameness and boredom.

Here are four stabilizing practices to try each day for comfort and clarity--let this be easy.

Presence (15 minutes)
Do a mindfulness meditation or conscious breathing. You can find guided versions of all stripes online. At first, this may seem like an impossible amount of time. Use a timer and start with five minutes. Find what works for you; explore. Also, this is about feeling light. Detach from the what and the how; by showing up for this time you already know how to do it.

Movement (35 minutes)
Everything counts-- stacking wood, barre class, foam rolling, HIIT, dancing--just move your body (outdoors if possible, to notice things beyond the familiar).

Connection (10+ minutes)
Reach out, send an invitation, meet up. Our dimmest thoughts, most relentless challenges are bearable when we find a kindred to share and relate with. Also, loneliness is pervasive. Message someone you know, or don’t know yet. You’ll find your people faster, and grow your network.

Expression (45-60 minutes)
This time is about FOCUS. Devotional focus on what you what to bring forth, and what you want more of. So, approach it with intention, but hold it gently. If commitment is unbearable to you, try doing the same thing for three days or even a week. If exploration seems haphazard, keep it spontaneous. This time for expression is where you get to consciously fill in the thing you are called to do, the thing that helps you feel most yourself. Your hobby. Healthy meal prep. Sending care packages -- like a book to a friend with a note inside. Reading about business strategy. Learning how to do your own Facebook ads. Schedule this time so it has space in your day. Cut back on Instagram and you’ll gain at least 30’ of time. These days, I write for an hour each day. I begin each session by remembering these words: everything I need is already within me.

That’s it.

If you have done or experienced nothing else in your day that felt generative, purposeful,you did this--you breathed, you moved, you connected, you showed up, and this is actually everything you need. For today, tomorrow and the next day.

Try it. Keep going. Adjust. Stay light.

Let me know how it goes. I love hearing from you!