What needs to change? (And, a visualization for re-imagining work.)

Maybe you can relate to this?

Work is…

Predictable. I'm like a success rat. Show me how to get the promotion, the bonus, your praise. I will do the things to get it. Nothing more (...though I have so much more to give).

Dysfunctional. My boss is carrying out her family wounds on my team. Gossip undermines morale. I feel so alone.

So many hours of my day. I yearn for more flexibility--to move, to care for myself and others. I eat over my keyboard--daily. Gross. I’m efficient and not rewarded for it.  I am pinned to my desk and glued to my screen. My body suffers for it.

I’m on autopilot. I do the job. I collect a paycheck. This work no longer serves my life. The whispers of something else speak to me all the time.

I am underutilized. The nature of work is changing -- will I have the skills to say competitive? I’m a leader without a purpose. I want to optimize my potential and I feel constrained by the options available to me.

I’m bored.
I’m underestimated.
I’m unsure of how to be successful.
I want more.

Now, let’s reimagine work as...

Purposeful. I develop through my work. I’m allowed to play in my wheelhouse and showcase my strengths. I’m encouraged to grow. But like really, with support. I’m clear on how what I do serves my ‘why’ or the mission of my company.

Meaningful. I build relationships that are impactful and nourishing to my life. I reach personal milestones. What I do fits beautifully into my life.

Flexible. I am free to be at my best and to enjoy life. I’m supported in making that possible. 

Visualize the future you at work. Change the course of things. 

  • How do you want to feel?
  • What do you not want to do?
  • How much do you work and when?
  • What is your commute?
  • What are you learning?
  • How are you supported?
  • How does your work fit the life you want?
  • How could it fit even better for you?

This is an alternative ending. Start writing it now. Bask in this transformed state of mind for five minutes. Then, ask, what is possible that I did not see before?

See what you did there?

Because you can love how you spend your day.