Reclaiming your time (and a tool to get some clarity)

Last year I began sharing about my initiative to take two weeks of vacation every quarter. It started as an ambition, a desire for how I want to live--with more white space for rest, fun, learning and incubating ideas--and has become a pillar of how I want to work and spend my time.

As a culture, we’re due for some healing around time, don’t you think?

We're sure there’s not enough of it, yet giving it away. Probably first to our phones, then to things we wanted to say "no" to but figured we "ought to" instead.

People with paid vacation don’t take every last second of it, and too many people have no paid time off at all. 

Our boundaries around using, owning and taking our time for ourselves or for the people and experiences we crave are a little out of whack.

And still, we judge. She was 20 minutes late. Shorten lunch to maintain appearances.
He left 20 minutes early. Not that committed.

Even as how we work, where we work and the options for living an optimal life grow and evolve, we’re still attached to set hours and priorities that don’t jive with how we want to live.

This won’t serve our healing.

Choose boundaries based on what matters. Communicate your needs. Transparency is trust-building. Let go of other's expectations of your time and meet your own.

And for the sake of your well-being and the sanity of everyone, take your time. 

Reclaim it! -

P.S. Factoring life, I decided to take an honest look at how much time we really have for what matters most.  Come take a look. 


Mara Grbenick