Coming this Strawberry Season -- An announcement and a reflection

First, the joyful news!

I'm expecting my first baby, due this July! (Yes, the word has been out over on Instagram--if you don't follow me there, please do!)

When I had the first inklings of pregnancy, I was emerging from a year of real highs (self-employment! my wedding!) and rough transitions (work! relationship!). Contracts were coming to completion and I had a vision of how I wanted the next six months to go, including some exotic foreign travel. Crippling nausea for days on end in the dark of winter was not part of that plan. I had no choice but to humbly surrender to the ‘what is’ of reality.

Try as we may to find the most direct route, the most expedient path is actually the one we’re on each day.

When I eventually began to stir from my first trimester hibernation, I realized I’d been going through a life shake down since sometime last year. Pregnancy, often seen as a step back in a woman's work life, became the very thing I needed to integrate an entire decade of work and development. Finally, I had abundant space and many hours to listen to the wisdom calling me forward. 

Transitions can feel destabilizing as we leave something behind and enter into something new. So, I did what I've learned to do--embrace practice.

I couldn’t build a business and welcome a baby without community--so I started loving on friends more and building connections more boldly. To find flow in my mind, I came back to stillness with a sitting meditation; daily movement, which had gone by the wayside, became another must.

Upon reflection, my daily work in these months has been to listen to the whispers of my future calling--and the result is that the exact nature of how I work with clients and the scope of my work is finding form in new and exciting ways.

Through this fertile void, I've become more convicted of a new order I believe we need now: radical rest, transparency, connection to source energy. 

Our attention and our work are facets of life that ebb and flow continuously. Working in a way that respects our individual rhythms is what I now see is a more easeful path of progress.

And so this is how the cycle goes--we go into the quiet, dark until sprouts and inklings begin to emerge. With tenderness and care, patience and commitment these seedlings emerge into blossoms we are proud to share. In the coming months, I'm excited to bring you the fruits of this gestational time in the form of offerings that will deeply meet you in living your fullest expression.