Asking for the time you need is revolutionary

Life’s moments are worth planning...and asking for. 

Births; milestones. Learning and creative expansion. Rest and healing. A long runway for a significant project.

These are all things that require space--and space is a function of time. When it comes to having more of what we want in life, it's often with the condition: "If I had time...I would".

That's why it's revolutionary to ask for the time you need. Our cumulative asking for what we need will raise awareness of what's important. 

What would you ask for?

I once asked to leave work early on Tuesdays so I could go for a weeknight sail with girlfriends--being on the water in the summer building relationships was a 'can't miss' moment for me. 

You could ask for a phased-in return to work from parental leave, starting with partial weeks.

You could ask to use an afternoon per week to focus on training or development.

You might ask your partner to manage the evening bedtime routine a few nights per week so that you can get your favorite workout in. 

Without asking, we're not signaling to anyone, let alone ourselves, what we value enough to be present for.

Here are some things to consider when asking for the time you need:

  • Present your ask as a positive alternative rather than an accommodation

  • Know and represent the value of what you're asking for -- for yourself and for others

  • Think like an entrepreneur--there may be obstacles so formulate solutions to alleviate them. Don't make your ask someone else's problem -- make it part of something that works for all.

I'd love to know what you'd like to ask for more time for--reply and let me know. And, if you've asked for more time but didn't get the outcome you wanted, it doesn't mean you were wrong to ask.

The ask itself is the revolution.