It's not you--conditions aren't optimal

Many workplaces are not spaces where the need for vulnerability is understood and skillful dialogue is modeled and supported. This leaves so much potential on the table and expedient resolutions untapped.

If you ever experience a nagging low-grade internal friction because something in your work just isn't working for you--it's possible that conditions aren't favorable and allowing you to flourish right now.

The rewards of work are internal for some people, external for others--and most of us need a combination of both to feel purpose and momentum. 

So, the question is--do you know how you want to feel in work and are you experiencing the momentum you want?

Do not bypass this internal checkpoint of knowing just what you want work to mean to you, or whether the work itself is a good fit. Are you able to talk about the value exchange of time, money and meaning with those who hire you or your employees? Establishing these subjective criteria for yourself is a first step towards getting on the same page with those who hire you about what's meaningful in terms of pay, recognition or impact. 

Have the terms for advancement and growth been made clear to you? Are they reasonable and supported? Is your progress seen or rewarded? 

How would you start the conversation about meaningful work? Or, if you already have safe and open conversations about the meaning of work with colleagues or employees, what's your approach?

The sooner we alleviate the friction, the sooner we're free to bring more aspects of who we are into what we do.