What if your way really worked?

You get up from your desk and leave some papers so it looks like you're coming right back.

But really you just went out for a walk or to meet that friend because you're having a hard day.

Good people manage their needs all the time to look like they're playing by the rules.

Once you see that you can work differently (read: flexibly), you can't un-see it. We're in a new era of possibility for whole, healthy humans to become central to our cultural well-being--call it next wave productivity.

I hear that people want their effectiveness in work to be valued--that they want the freedom to work smarter not harder without it keeping it on the sly.

Many of us are done squeezing ourselves into systems and schedules that don't work with who we are--our unique creative energies, the seasons of our lives, our health, our families and communities.

In small ways you can bring more of what you want into your life--and you don't need to make it a game. 

First, you must be able to know which of your needs requires tending. Second, you must advocate for them and adjust accordingly. 

This isn't easy or comfortable to do. Making the choices for what is really needed, so that you can be in your fullest expression, is work. It's your work. 

If you're wondering: 
What is the better way?
What would that way look like?
And, is it possible for me to have that where and how I currently work?

Spend some time honestly answering those questions for yourself, or let's chat

That new way of being in relationship to work that includes more of you is much closer than you think.

I'm hopeful for all of us--