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a private group coaching experience for enterprising women with back-burnered soul projects and businesses in their first or second year


You’re a doer, but even doers get stuck.

When I was figuring out the work I really wanted to do there were so many unknowns. I was really clear about some things and really unsure about others. I learned SO MUCH (!) about developing an enterprise and how to do things from legal disclaimers, to websites and e-mail software. In many ways, that was the easy part. Can you relate?

Becoming a person capable of transforming ideas is a thing all in itself.

Many times, I didn't have the right support around me. I felt really capable and yet didn't have a place to process, get valuable coaching and keep moving forward. This slowed me down and often felt defeating.

Maybe in the past you joined expensive courses or memberships just for the community. You took more training instead of getting started. You were overwhelmed with information and methods, but no support for actually moving to action.

So, if you’ve done some serious work to bring an idea, project or business to life but want clients, viewers, participants, and your first customers, Emerge is the place to get coaching and community to help you advance and lift you higher.


Small group coaching and personal attention

Each session begins with teaching and context to help you create in wiser, more effective ways followed by one-on-one coaching for each participant.



Call 1

Creating and Caring for the Community You Need to Thrive

Call 2

Becoming Acquainted with Your Longings and the Essence of Your “Why”

Call 3

Making it Right-Sized—Adjusting Scale and Scope for the Impact You’re Aiming for and the People You Want to Reach

Call 4

Working with Emerging Ideas and How to Actually Get Things Done

Call 5

Resistance or right-timing?: How to Listen Better When your Life Speaks.

*Subject to group needs or preferences


Get a fresh start and momentum

This is a group of thoughtful, committed women and I want to make sure we’re a good fit for each other. The group size is capped and will fill on a rolling basis. 



What to Expect

We’ll meet virtually bi-weekly for 10 weeks from early October to December 10.

Calls will be recorded. Live attendance is preferred, but life happens. If you have to miss, watch a replay of the session later.

You must be available for at least 2 hours for each call. A day/time will be chosen based on best fit for all.

By joining Emerge, you’ll get:

  • Accountability within a small, dedicated group

  • Connection, support, and relationships that help you remember who you are and amplify your impact

  • More access to me and my coaching

  • A few surprises to delight you and keep you inspired

The cost to join Emerge today is $475. But because everything is better with a friend, when you and a pal join together, you’ll each save $50!

Emerge is a homecoming and a launch party! As part of this group, you’ll feel:

CONNECTION—You’re not alone, you’re not the first, you can do this!

RESONANCE—The soul nourishing experience of being seen and heard. You won’t just see your light reflected, you’ll feel it.

ACCELERATION—Shared resources, experience and expertise move you swiftly through questions and situations that on your own would require more time and energy to resolve.


  • Confidently doing the tasks that get you results

  • Expanding your personal network

  • Understanding your “why”

  • Having a precise idea of what you want to achieve, what you offer and to whom

  • Knowing the vital actions you can personally take to feel the way you want to feel and get more of what you want—you won’t be trying to do it all, you’ll be doing what works

  • Getting actionable information, insightful coaching, and community support to boost your energy, commitment and follow-through

romello-williams-P8VMwYFY-Es-unsplash (1).jpg

 Taking your life's calling off the back burner is the only way to light it up. 

If you’ve been working on your business idea or long-time passion project and are ready to results, Emerge is the place for you to get unstuck, figure out your next moves and learn the skills to keep creating what you see is possible. 


Maybe it’s been a year or two, or many.

If making your ideas real has been more elusive that you thought, and if the loneliness of being a creator and making key decisions on your own has felt defeating, it’s time to call in back-up. If what you really want is to be held to your highest vision by someone other than your mom or best friend, honor your desire to up-level.

In Emerge, you be skillfully coached by me, a trained master coach and a business creator embracing a dynamic (read: flexible, actionable and sane) approach to life and work. You’ll be seen and met with personalized coaching and inspired by the leaps those around you are making. You need a space to process and be heard—you’ll get that here, too.

Why this group, and why I am called to lead it now?

“You may be a woman of commotion and quiet. Magic and brain.”
-excerpt from Moon Song, a poem by Kate Baer

Becoming a mother gave me deep permission and a portal to a new way of being. I made profound shifts in how I work—fewer hours, more focus, and more heeding my body and intuitive inklings. I’d already been moving in this direction for years when the immersive tending of a human and my work had a way of clarifying what was really needed, and what wasn’t. 

There’s a painful pruning that is so necessary to growth and producing results. If you want to contribute toward something greater, it’s never just about doing the thing. When you’re committed to seeing your wild ideas through, you’ll encounter constraints—internal and external—and seek to move beyond them. You’ll realize that to do something you haven’t done before, you have to become the person who can do it.


If you have a budding business or want to lead one, if you want to influence others, if you have an idea that needs oxygen, and you haven’t been able to make a first move or get the momentum you want—now is the time for you to Emerge.