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When life calls for change, I’m here to help you go for it.

new job. new business. new era.



MAGic Sessions

Fresh, practical, even dreamy. This 90-minute jam session is efficient, generative and jumpstarting.

For times when what you need most is productive dialogue, new insight and a way forward. Uncover where you are, where you need to go and how to get there.

  • How it Works

    Sometimes you just need a little magic to know what’s possible. In this invigorating session, I’m your prolific and generative thinking partner and co-visionary. I listen closely to a problem you’re having, who you are, and how you’ve been addressing your current predicament. Together we find patterns, see openings, hold a vision for your highest potential and spark new possibilities.

  • What to Expect

    First of all, expect magic. Expect to feel alive with the knowing that where you are isn’t where you have to stay—so, want what you want.

    Within 48 hours of our session, you’ll get a comprehensive summary of options and opportunities to explore and take further, including self-care practices to help you make sustainable shifts and keep the magic alive.

    You’ll leave your MAGic Session understanding where you are now, where you want to go, and maybe the thing that’s been most elusive of all—how the heck to get there.

    How simple—and profound.

Cost: $150



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Your listening abilities are out of this world. I felt heard on our call, and the document you sent over afterwards—summing up my current status—was eerily accurate, almost as if it described my feelings in a more accurate way than I could do myself. I also thought that your questions during the session were very incisive and cut to the heart of some of the biggest issues in my life that I wanted to work on.
— G.W.
I was working with a difficult manager that made me question my career path. Mara helped me reframe my situation and offered affirmations and actions to help me move forward more confidently. I felt empowered to own my experience as part of my learning journey instead of thinking that I had failed and start discerning what I really want and what I need out of a career. I feel like I now have the tools and practices that will help me in my current position and as I start looking for a new job. I have gained so much new perspective and clarity on my situation and real achievable next steps and practices to take away with me.
— J.S.
A MAGic session can give you the support you need to feel ready to continue on and excited for the journey ahead.
— A.H.
The document you sent was so totally thorough, with every area covered that we discussed, in addition to a timeline with some thoughtful and creative action items. I’ve referred to it multiple times in the last couple weeks. I feel exhilarated each time because it feels like I have a partner with me on the road of business development, personal growth, and creative differentiation.
— C.S.


One:One Coaching

You want to know your next move and make it confidently.

...Perhaps you’re in what you thought was your dream job but you’re bored and restless.

...Perhaps you’ve got to decide soon whether to make your side business a bigger thing or not.

...Perhaps you’re a new parent, feel like a different person and aren’t sure how to navigate this shift in who you are and how you want to work.

Start with three sessions of personal coaching.

  • Results

    Expect to experience your results--meaning: you won’t just do new things, you’ll relate to and go about them in subtle and bold new ways. I offer a fresh approach that actually enables you to do the things that feel impossible and once seemed unattainable. Finally addressing what you long for is in itself life-changing. My holistic approach ensures that you generate change that sticks and whatever arises in your future, you’ll be able to meet it more nimbly. Clarity. Traction. Momentum. Yes, please.

    Start here to get on the path to results you can feel in your life...

  • How it Works and What to Expect

    Six weeks and three sessions of concentrated and skilled coaching support to give you a foundation in sustainable change. The first session is a 90-minute intake and subsequent sessions are 60-75 minutes.

    • We’ll get specific about what you want to work on — because you might be really clear about it, or not, so we sort it out together. Clarity is a huge relief.
    • You’ll get customized homework and/or exercises designed to generate new awareness.
    • You’ll start doing the things you've always wanted to do but haven’t been able to—yet.
    • You’ll be expertly guided and heartily encouraged in addressing all aspects of you— mind, body and spirit.

Cost: $450

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Mara is open, creative, present, non-critical and skilled in seeing the big picture.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, her listening skills and ability to join me in my language and way of being. The insights she had from hearing my thoughts were spot on.

I noticed a shift occurring in how I present myself in the world, and now see how to consciously choose the way to move forward and tune into what really serves me.
— G.C.
Mara, I can’t thank you enough for your gentle approach to coaching me. Each session I felt like you truly heard me and could put into words what I was feeling or trying to explain, but couldn’t always articulate. You’re compassionate, understanding and you helped me uncover layers of myself it would have taken me many more years to uncover on my own. Your suggested practices were insightful and effective and I loved being able to explore a new, much desired, way of being in this world with your thoughtful guidance. I’m so grateful to have worked with you.
— K.B.


Integral Coaching® for Deep Embodiment

You’re ready for transformational change around an important issue in your life and want flexible, long-term support while you undertake a meaningful project.

As you launch your first website, develop an initiative at work, or finally tackle a long-held personal dream, I’ll be your wingwoman. You’ll understand yourself better—what makes you unique and why that matters for what you want to create, do, see and be.

  • How it Works & What to Expect

    Minimum of four months of powerful partnership that takes one-on-one coaching to the next level so you can make bold shifts, build a strong foundation and make things happen.

    Over the course of months, you’ll actively address something timely and significant to you—gaining traction or acceleration in a new work direction, starting a business, articulation of a calling, deepening into a leadership or work role, or parenting in a calm, centered way.

    With my steady guidance and support, you’ll be engaging with life in new ways, trying things you haven’t done yet and becoming more capable. At each step, I meet you and your life where you are as you nurture, grow and live with new capacities and dare greatly with your undertaking.

    • You’ll get a customized coaching program designed for you, with all that’s important to you in mind, including the special project you want to bring to life.
    • You’ll receive expertly chosen exercises to support your expanding awareness and ability to take action
  • Results

    Expect outcomes you can experience, understand, articulate and sustain.

    You’ll really get to know your strengths and innate talents and what you uniquely bring to the table. You’ll also become better acquainted with your blind spots and understand how to engage with what challenges you. You’ll take an idea, quality or feeling and make it tangible or visible. You’ll understand what you want to do and how you want to do it with more clarity, efficiency and agility. You’ll be more resourceful at attending to all of life even as you work towards important shifts in caring for yourself and relationships, taking aligned action and finding your way in life and in the world.

Cost: Varies. Please Inquire.

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Mara possesses an extraordinary ability to immerse herself in the essence of a person, arrive immediately to the core of them, and instinctively speak straight to their heart.
— A.K.

 Group Coaching



FOR GROUP EVENTS and workshops, Check out my Events page for the latest.



A private group coaching experience for enterprising women with back-burnered soul projects and businesses in their first or second year


 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a coach/coaching really?

    People of all kinds have always sought help in their desire to be witnessed and guided. Coaching is a growing profession because globally we’re in a time of awakening about the ways of being that move us toward or further from our pesonal and collective well-being.

    Coaching can help you become a more adept manager, courageous leader or gentler, calmer parent, but first, is a necessary waking up to the ways you consciously or unconsciously play a part in creation or disintegration. Coaching can help you experience the value sourced from paying attention to what feels right and aligned for you and being able to act accordingly.

    I’ve formally trained with an International Coach Federation-accredited school in a holistic approach to adult development that’s proven to cultivate meaningful, lasting change. More about my approach. I also regularly attend to my own development, which helps me stay current and refine my skills on behalf of deep service to my clients. (Yes, I hire coaches too!)

  • Why hire a coach?

    Hiring a coach is similar to hiring a personal trainer. Though you can work out on your own, you keep trying the same thing with mixed results. So, you feel like a failure, incapable, or discouraged that what you seek might not be realistic for you because you can’t figure it out. The thing is—you may not see a critical perspective that a coach can, and that can make all the difference.

    Coaching and the coaching relationship can be a catalyst for big change in your life, but often that’s a result of a combination of smaller and more subtle shifts realized in working together that profoundly impact your view, your capacities and what you’re able to do. Coaching can help you accelerate and amplify what is already working well. Sometimes coaching helps you see that right where you are is right where you need to be, and can support you in being in the present with grace.

  • If I don't work with you, how else can I learn from you?

    I offer in-person workshops in Maine, free content via my website and weekly newsletter and often share seasonal promotions via my e-mail list. If you want to be in the loop when that happens, be sure to sign up for updates from me.


If you’re interested in working together, please note that I take on new clients between September and mid-June with a few exceptions.