Karoline B.

Mara, I can't thank you enough for your gentle approach to coaching me.  Each session I felt like you truly heard me and could put into words what I was feeling or trying to explain, but couldn't always articulate.  You're compassionate, understanding and you helped me uncover layers of myself it would have taken me many more years to uncover on my own.  Your suggested practices were insightful and effective and I loved being able to explore a new, much desired, way of being in this world with your thoughtful guidance. I'm so grateful to have worked with you.  


Gina C.

"Mara is open, creative, present, non-critical and skilled in seeing the big picture.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, her listening skills and ability to join me in my language and way of being. The insights she had from hearing my thoughts were spot on.

I noticed a shift occurring in how I present myself in the world, and now see how to consciously choose the way to move forward and tune into what really serves me. 

I was aware how beneficial the homework was, and it echoed with me over the weeks between appointments. They were quite thought-provoking and I shared them with friends. Our work/ our conversations in her office, carried into the real world."


Andrew K.

"Mara possesses an extraordinary ability to immerse herself in the essence of a person, arrive immediately to the core of them, and instinctually speak straight to their heart. She deeply understands her own essence and is herself inspired. [Her] training has helped her further harness and hone her attributes into an enormously effective and transformative coaching program. She is flexible, understanding and compassionate, while remaining transparent, forthcoming and honest. Nearly a year later, I continue to grow and discover new insights and perspectives. There is much to gain from her coaching."


Lauren S.

"I was struggling with the balance of raising a family and working to get my business off the ground. Mara helped me understand how I’d been holding myself back from really growing the business. Together, we developed daily and weekly tasks that kept me focused on an end goal. I realized that creating time for myself and my work was essential not only for the business, but also for my own personal growth. Mara is intuitive, supportive, and kind. I’m so grateful for our time together."