A Way Forward.


You see what you want and have what it takes, but something's been missing. 

I've got you. I'll meet you where you are, and we'll get really clear on what matters, what's called for, and get moving.

You'll take bold action quickly and begin to experience your new way--one that allows you to realize what once seemed elusive, or impossible. 

 I'll design a coaching program for you that includes:

  • Identification of a coaching topic that is important to you —it's what you're moving towards, it's your deepest ache
  • Customized practices to help you access new awareness of what is occurring and what is called for to progressively advance you towards realization of your topic
  • Support for all of you — mind, body and spirit
  • Rich, intimate and accurate insight —and a way to move to action
  • Results that you can experience, understand, articulate and sustain

One : One Offerings


One month
two sessions

For direction and clarity.

+ Package Details +

One part exploration of current patterns and themes in your approach to your topic. One part offer of piercing insight and gentle holding of future possibility.

Begin to see your ways of being in an relating to your topic as we co-create a new way forward that incorporates what matters most to you.

You’ll come away with generative insight and tools to engage with immediately and over the long-term, so you can keep advancing.

You'll know where you are and where you going--how simple, and profound.


three months
six sessions

For powerful transformation.

+ Package Details +

Emerge into a new way of approaching your coaching topic with curiosity and joy. Customized practices will move you to generative action and you'll begin to see and be in your own experience with new awareness. You'll move forward in a topic that matters greatly to you and have the capacities to continue your journey.

Integral Embodiment

six - nine months

For your unique expression.

+ Package Details +

This is full on engagement and practice. You'll address a topic with significant meaning and scope in your life--gaining traction or acceleration in a new work direction, starting a business, articulation of a calling, deepening into a leadership or work role. Integral embodiment means you’ll be held in robust guidance and met with intuitive and insightful practices. At each step, you'll be met right where you are as you nurture, grow and live with new capacities and dare greatly with your big topic!

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